Endless Opportunities for a Waterfowl Hunter in Manitoba

When talking about waterfowl hunting in Manitoba the conversation always swings in the direction of the opportunities we have, which leaves us looking spoiled, which we are. Manitoba is extremely diverse in regards to our geography which also leads to endless waterfowl hunting options. How many different ways can you shoot a limit of birds here -lots. After running Birdtail for nearly 20 years I can say we have just started to really take advantage of other opportunities the landscape provides. Our recent focus has been on offering diver hunting, it’s an untapped gold mine here in the Prairie Potholes and after our 2017 hunts I’m a firm believer that there is some serious WOW to be had.. Mallards and Pintails have always been our focus and rightly so, but I’ll tell you after watching 1000’s of almost unhittable divers rock through our decoys every 5 minutes sure made me feel that we have waited too long to get into this game on a serious level.

Manitoba waterfowl hunting is world class and this year I got to experience with my guests one of the best diver hunts of my life. Can hardly wait for first ice in 2018 to film what madness really looks like when hunting the big water in Manitoba.

Here’s an article by Ducks Unlimited talking about what Manitoba has to offer and yes your’s truly is quoted in it of course!

Ducks Unlimited Magazine Article

Written by Paul Conchâtre

Paul Conchâtre

Paul has been in the waterfowl tourism industry for over 22 years and operates one of Canada’s premier waterfowl lodges.
Acting board member of Travel Manitoba and the President of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association.

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