Change House Face Lift

We just finished the most important building on the property with a major redo. The Change House is centered between the lodge and the cabins which acts like a staging area for our guests and guides before and after the hunt. All the camouflage, guns, shells and blind bags are stored in this building to dry out and to keep the cabins clean. On a rainy day it gives a whole other meaning for mud room and how important it really is. The Change House is by far my favorite building and felt it was time to pay homage by giving it a new look.
I might have gone a little to far, but I’ve never heard of “too good looking”

Birdtail Waterfowl Change House renovation

Canadian Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter

Manitoba Hunting Lodge

Guide dressing area

Written by Paul Conchâtre

Paul Conchâtre

Paul has been in the waterfowl tourism industry for over 22 years and operates one of Canada’s premier waterfowl lodges.
Acting board member of Travel Manitoba and the President of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association.

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