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Birdtail Waterfowl’s Review Of Wildear Hearing Boosters

The guiding world is by far the one and only heaven on earth for the absolute die hard sportsman who just can’t seem to get enough of Mother Nature and her curve balls. Waterfowl guiding in Manitoba is about making each day invested the best day ever had, we chase the “memory burner” the blockbuster…

New fly fishing and wing shooting package for September

Birdtail Waterfowl is now offering a new fish / hunt combo for our guests to choose from and only available from September 20 – 23rd 2018.. World class stillwater trout fishing for monster browns and rainbows plus incredible Sandhill Crane hunting. Orvis and Beretta  equipment included. Contact Paul for availability.    

Fly fishing Manitoba’s Parkland Trout

For every year that goes by we are more and more taken with this incredible fishery we have in our back yard.  The challenge these fish offer can be nothing but frustrating at times, but it’s those moments of success which makes every ounce of engagement so worth it..

Rigging For Divers

Sound decisions when purchasing equipment is key when striving to the best in the waterfowl business. Seasoned hunters travel from all over the world to hunt with us in Manitoba’s Prairie Potholes,  good reliable equipment is key!  

Business class and your luggage!

One of the largest factors with air transportation and us waterfowlers who like to be comfortable in the field, is our gear volume..  I did some looking around to see what would be the best way to fly with the kitchen sink get a better return on the dollar spent.  Either way you’re going to…

How to research the right waterfowl outfitter for you.

This is for all the group leaders who get the task of researching waterfowl outfitters in the Prairie Provinces. Choosing an outfitter should not a time consuming task if your research the proper avenues before you actually connect with your short list. Here is a few tips on how to create your short list so…