Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter

Hi, my name is Paul Conchâtre I’ve been in the in resource tourism industry since the early nineties.

Birdtail Waterfowl Inc is Manitoba’s premiere game bird hunting outfitter. Our prime location in the prairie pothole region of Manitoba puts us in the heart of one of the largest flyways in North America. Our exceptional lodging, incomparable service and dedicated hunting guides provide sportsman from across the continent and around the world an unparalleled hunting experience.

Our first class staff includes six guides with over two-hundred years of combined hunting experience. Each fully-guided hunt includes everything you need to experience the hunt of a life time. The early waterfowl migration coupled with first rate decoys, firearms, blinds and more makes each hunt ax experience to be remembered forever. We hunt across the famous Prairie Potholes in the Pre-Boreal Region where the large deep lakes are interspersed with thousands of potholes. This area is ideal for waterfowl breeding and each fall it draw endless flocks of early migration geese, puddle and diver ducks and Sandhill cranes. Our luxurious lodge and private cabins are situated on the edge of the rich landscape providing a comfortable full-service base-camp for hunters to unwind and relax. Our first-class chefs aim to please and prepare three delicious meals a day that continue to exceed expectations.

Our six cabins can accommodate 2-4 hunters. Each has a front covered deck facing west towards the beautiful tall spruce trees and the rolling prairies. We felt it was important to have your own cabin to come back to and unwind. All the cabins have a full bathroom with fresh linens and electric heat. The interiors are finished with cedar. With being located in a heavy snow region the cabins have metal roofs and metal exterior walls.

The change house / “The Chapel” (don’t ask) acts like a locker room for our personal gear. The trucks and trailers wrap around the change house ready to jump into and go hunting without having to chase gear in the cabins! A ceiling mounted heater and fans keep the “Chapel” very comfortable after a successful hunt. When you come in after a hunt, wet or cold , your gear will have excellent accommodations, as well! The clothes dryer is for those days Mother Nature really turned on you.

There are benches around the perimeter of “The Chapel” with shelves and hooks above for your camo and blind bag. The gun rack gives your gun some air time. In the middle of the room there is a long table for gun maintenance and the odd surgery. We like using air to clean our Beretta A400 rental guns rather than oil – even graphite! Oil and other products tend to slow the bolt and collect fine environmental debris. The air compressor is always available to clean your shotgun before you jump into your guides rig.

“Would anyone like to have a round of skeet on the Birdtail Waterfowl skeet range? Why not?” Is there a better way to spend a few hours between your hunts than a round of skeet? We offer a professional skeet range on site with two Atlas AT 400 throwers that holds 400 clays each. The course is run via a wireless remote with a well-designed area for spectators. Welded gun racks and benches to watch the show are available. Need to practice your quartering away crossing shot or looking for some friendly competition; there’s nothing like a round of skeet?

Find out more about our guides, services, equipment and cabins on our site and please contact us with any questions. We promise you an unforgettable experience in what can only be described as a waterfowlers mecca!

Come see us at Birdtail Waterfowl and we WILL take you to the Limits!

Hunt Features

      1. Transportation to and from the Winnipeg International Airport can be provided for a return fair of $75 per hunter.
      2. Enjoy one round of skeet on us every day your at the lodge.
      3. Beretta A400 right handed 28″  12 gauge with a Patternmaster Anaconda choke gun rental. $60 per day.
      4. Beretta A400 right handed 26″ 20 gauge with a Patternmaster Anaconda choke  gun rental. $60 per day.
      5. Beretta A400 LEFT handed 28″  12 gauge with a Patternmaster Anaconda choke gun rental. $60 per day.
      6. Simms G3 waders and Freestone boot rental program NO CHARGE.
      7. Decoy service (contact Paul for pricing).
      8. Decoys and blinds.
      9. Professional guiding.
      10. Lodging and meals (lodging photos). See our guests cabins video or take a virtual tour
      11. Taxidermist questions (
      12. First class service.
      13. 3,4 day hunt packages.
      14. Limits:5 dark geese, 8 ducks and 50 white geese.
        Possession limits are 15 dark geese, 24 ducks and ULIMITED white geese.
        For more information on Manitoba hunting laws see the Manitoba Hunting Guide (we hunt in Game Bird Zones 3 and 4).
      15. Sandhill cranes are extremely plentiful in our Pothole region and we will accommodate any of our guests who would like to experience a Manitoba Sandhill crane hunt. The daily limit is 5 and the possession limit is 10.

Note: A CITES export permit is not required for Sandhill cranes if fresh, frozen or salted and in the personal possession of the license holder who killed it.

Trip Features – Out Trips   “No extra charge”

Diving InfoDivers:
Come try out some fast shooting on our lake. Here in the northern region of the potholes we have some unreal diver hunting. We’ll take you out in our boats onto one of the most amazingly laid out lakes we know of. On the lake we have custom built blinds to hunt out of.  Watch our diver hunting video


Morning Snow GeeseMorning Snow Goose Hunt:

Setting up a 2200 decoy spread with e-caller for the morning hunt.
• Party of 4
• 2 Guides



Pothole Extravaganza:

Taking custom Four Rivers Layout boats to a pre scouted roosting pothole for the last light hunt. Watch our pothole hunting video
• Party of 4
• 1 Guide

info-crane_hunt[1]Crane Hunt:
Hunting Sandhill Cranes in the field for the morning hunt. Watch our Sandhill Crane hunting video
• Party of 4
• 1 Guide

Gearing Up

Some of the items that you will either have to bring or may want to bring along are:

  1. Camouflage clothing (light in color).
  2. We supply Simms waders at the lodge.
  3. Field boots.
  4. Headlamp flashlight.
  5. Camera / video camera.
  6. Non toxic shot sizes from 3 to BB are most adequate (Premium shot shells are available in Canada).
  7. Coolers for the transportation of birds or supplied at the lodge.
  8. Shotgun and carrying case  with TSA approved locks or rent a Beretta A400 with Patternmaster chokes .
  9. Bring a firearm reliable enough to have 2 to 3 boxes of shells go through it each day.

Within 30 days prior to your hunt we can order YETI Coolers at a greatly discounted price for our guests.
Your cooler will be shipped right to the lodge ready for your limit.
If you haven’t heard of them watch this: 500LB. Man vs. YETI

Canada Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form 909 – Hunters must fill out the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form 909 before you leave for your hunt. Don’t try and fill it out at the border, this will upset the Canadian Customs officials and their routine. Fill out this form online and then print 3 copies. Double check your firearms details, especially the serial number, before you hit the print button. Do not sign this form until you are at the border and the officials there ask you to sign it. You will need to present the form with your passport. There is a fee for the permit and it is $25 CND. You must pay for your permit in Canadian dollars or by MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Canadian Customs does not except U.S. Currency. Remember to always carry your firearms permit and identification while you are in the field. To obtain your firearms application, go to the official Canadian Firearms Program page.

3 Day Hunt Package Hunt Itinerary (Video)

Day 1:

  • Arrive in Winnipeg.
  • Purchase licenses and shells.
  • Do any necessary shopping.
  • Three hour scenic drive out to the lodge – plan on arriving between 6:00 – 7:00 pm.
  • Shown to your cabin.
  • A large Manitoba style dinner will be waiting for your arrival.
  • Your guides will inform you on the style of hunt planned for the morning hunt.
  • Hone your skills on our skeet range.

Day 2:

  • Light breakfast (early).
  • Hunt.
  • Lunch 12:30 pm.
  • Your guide will inform you on the hunt style planned for the afternoon duck hunt.
  • Enjoy a complementary round of skeet.
  • 2:00 pm we depart for the duck hunt.
  • 4:00 pm the birds should start to arrive.
  • Back to the lodge for dinner.
  • Your guide will inform you on the style of hunt planned for the morning hunt.

Day 3:

  • Light breakfast (early).
  • Hunt.
  • Lunch 12:30 pm.
  • Your guide will inform you on the hunt style planned for the afternoon duck hunt.
  • Enjoy a complementary round of skeet.
  • 2:00 pm we depart for the duck hunt.
  • 4:00 pm the birds should start to arrive.
  • Back to the lodge for dinner.
  • Your guide will inform you on the style of hunt planned for the morning hunt.

Day 4:

  • Light breakfast (early).
  • Hunt.
  • Lunch 11:00 am.
  • Will take deposits for the next season.
  • Load coolers if you are taking home processed birds.
  • Depart for Winnipeg.

Arrival Day

For all of our returning guests we have a small change upon us. The Winnipeg International Airport has moved to a new terminal. It is located just a few hundred yards from the previous location. In the past we have requested that all of guests walk across the street to the Four Points Sheraton Hotel lounge and wait for the 4pm pick there. With the new airport location this is not as convenient for us anymore. Birdtail Waterfowl and the Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites have a made arrangements to accommodate our guests. Hilton Suites is a member of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association.

When arriving at the Winnipeg International Airport we will ask all our guests to use the hotel shuttle courtesy phone provided near the exiting doors of the airport. The Hilton Suites shuttle is a maximum of 5 minutes away, if not waiting your arrival. Once the shuttle arrives at the Hilton Suites, the hotel staff will help our guests with their luggage and store it in a locked storage room. We ask all of our guests go the hotel lounge Bistro 1800 and wait for our 4:30pm arrival. Please watch the Arrival Day Video

Please don’t forget to ask for the 2016  “Birdtail Waterfowl drink special”.

If you are overnighting in Winnipeg, Birdtail Waterfowl guests receive a special room rate at the Hilton Suites.

Hilton Suites Winnipeg International
1800 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3H 1B2
Tel: 1-204-783-1700 Fax 1-204-786-6588

Online Reservations


2017 – Waterfowl Hunt packages starting at $1850
Contact Paul for pricing information at

“Please notify your credit card company you will be traveling for other incidental charges while you’re here in Canada.”


We know that this is a difficult subject, but I feel that it should be addressed. Our goal is to have a successful hunting experience in Manitoba’s Prairie Potholes, and it all comes down to our passion for the Waterfowl season. My staff work long hard hours from loading trailers while you’re resting for your next hunt to baking fresh cinnamon buns for you to wake to. The average gratuity is 18% of your hunt.

Contact Paul for information at

Terms and Conditions

  • All prices in U.S. dollars.
  • Booking deposit of 50%.
  • Balance payable upon arrival at camp.
  • Total cost is final, no exceptions.
  • For cancellations received in writing prior to June 1st , the trip will be credited to the following year. Cancellations received after June 1st will not be credited or refunded.
  • Guests who book the lodge will be responsible for booking their own party.
  • A guest that books a party and has a cancellation in the party must contact Paul 60 days prior to scheduled hunt date. If not the remaining final payment is due.
  • All Waterfowl taken during your hunt must be processed. See our bird processing video
    The Canadian Federal and Provincial Government take the donation of Migratory Waterfowl very seriously. Birdtail Waterfowl Inc has donation forms for you to complete and we will assure you your game will be properly donated for consumption.

Trip Form

All hunters that have booked a hunt with Birdtail Waterfowl Inc must fill this Trip Information Form and submit it as soon as all travel information is confirmed.

Travel Insurance

We recommend Travel Insurance to cover your investment should a family emergency, act of God, or other unforeseen situation arise, which would cause you to cancel your trip.

The company that offers this service is, Travel Guard International, that offers Insurance specific to you. They offer the standard coverage’s of Cancellation and Trip Interruption but also offer specialized benefits such as Equipment and Personal Effects for Lost, Stolen or Damage gear or Equipment Delay coverage. Please go to the link and check out what they have to offer.

Gun Law Information

Starting January 1, 2001, new gun laws require that every visitor to Canada bringing firearms must comply with a registration process. The Manitoba outfitting industry does not approve of this legislation, however we must abide by it. Our industry is negotiating with various levels of government to expedite the implementation of these new laws. We are aware of start-up problems commonly associated with any new legislation.

Birdtail Waterfowl Service has provided a link (click here to download [pdf]) to the registration form. This will enable our hunters to fill out the form at home, obviously shortening the process when they arrive in Canada. The form is very basic and can be completed in about ten minutes. Since the form is a declaration, DO NOT SIGN IT UNTIL YOU ARE BEFORE THE CUSTOMS OFFICER.

The fee for this registration process is $25 Canadian dollars . We suggest that our clients attach a $25 Canadian dollars, (available at many U.S. banks) to their form, to simplify and shorten the process for the Canada Customs officers. Canada Customs will also accept major credit cards, but this will slow the entry process. Since Canada Customs also has to look at each firearm, provisions are being made to facilitate this at the airport as your form is processed. If your son or daughter under the age of eighteen is accompanying you on a hunt, please contact Birdtail Waterfowl Service for information regarding young hunters.

The Manitoba Lodges and Outfitter’s Association (MLOA) is taking a proactive approach to dealing with this new legislation. The MLOA is therefore offering a Hunter Safety Instructor’s Course to every outfitter in the province, so that they can further assist their repeat clients. Qualified outfitters will instruct clients through a simple course that will result in the issuing of a five year license that will greatly simplify traveling to Canada with firearms.

Birdtail Waterfowl Service requests that our guests be patient with this process. We anticipate some delays at the Winnipeg airport because of the new regulations. The MLOA is actively involved with Canada Customs, the Winnipeg Airport Authority, North-West Airlines and other agencies to ensure that your arrival is reasonable and as smooth as possible.

By advising our clients of this situation we are also asking for your patience and consideration. Although we do not agree with these laws, we must abide by them, and we sincerely appreciate your assisting us as we all experience these changes. We anticipate that after we have arranged for you to obtain the new five-year permit we will be back to business as usual.

Links of Interest

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