When it comes to hunting in Manitoba’s Prairie Potholes, it’s certainly a necessity to have the right tools by your side in order to get the job done. Each target bird – whether it’s Canada Geese, Snow and Blue Geese, Ducks, or Sandhill Cranes – requires a different set of skills and ammunition. Birdtail Waterfowl has got you covered.


Canada Geese

Most of our hunts are in layout blinds over a full body decoy spread. If you are using a standard choke, we suggest using BB or #1 steel shot. As a rule, we suggest modified chokes. When using a wad-restricting choke like a “Pattern Master” Mid-Range, which is in our Beretta A400 rental guns, we also like to see our clients using BB or #1 steel shot.

Snow and Blue Geese

With the use of the white suites, Birdtail’s custom ghillie blankets, 2 rotary machines, 24 flyers, and 2 e-callers you’re in for a memory. We believe in the BB or #1 steel shot when using a full or modified standard choke. Pattern Master Chokes are deadly on snows and recommend #1 or #2 steel shot when using a wad restricting choke.


We hunt them mostly in dry fields, but when requested, we’ll hunt them in the Famous Prairie Potholes. When using a standard choke, we recommend modified choke and using #2 or #3 steel shot. Just ask your duck guides what choke to use when you’re informed you’re “going to water.” If you are using the wad restricting choke, we suggest using #3 or #4 steel shot.

Sandhill Cranes

We hunt Sandhill Cranes either on watering areas or in dry fields. Concealment is key. With extra care for blind brushing, you’re in for a good time. Husqvana 4 stroke brush saw helps with this task. For standard chokes, we believe a full choke with BB or #1 steel shot is good. When you using a wad restricting choke, #1 or #2 steel shot will flip em.


“How many boxes of shells will I need for a 3 day hunt?”

Generally it’s a box every hunt. A 3 day hunt generally would be 5 boxes.

If you have shells remaining after the trip is over, we will store them for you until next year’s hunt. With the cost of extra weight on the airlines, it tends not to pay to bring them home.

Birdtail Waterfowl has an ammunition supply at the lodge just in case the birds are winning!